How Contribute/Donate

by, Yevgeniy Goncharov, 13-Feb-2023, Back

You can help to Open BLD DNS Project with few activities - testing, using and give feedback, contribute false positive triggering, and you can make donate for project.

How to Donate

  • PayPal
  • KZ Card (Kaspi) - 4400430274737391
  • YooMoney - 41001928837376
  • Mir - 2204 1201 0804 5747
  • Donorbox with PayPal / Cards

How Using / Testing

Setup ADA or RIC (Diff ADA and RIC) in your environment and enjoy. If you catch some issues please contact me though Contact page.


After you help the project, your name can be added to the list of "Thanks" section on the Home page.