Diff ADA and RIC

by, Yevgeniy Goncharov, 22-Sep-2023, Back

The key difference between ADA and RIC in OpenBLD DNS is that ADA allows various services like as Yandex, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

By "various services" we mean services for managing marketing cabinets or business tools.

What does ADA allow?

  • Social media tools (ex: facebook, twitter, linkedin, tiktok, etc.)
  • All Yandex tools (alice, kinopoisk, etc.)
  • All Google tools
  • Advertising links from search results
  • etc.

ADA is an OpenBLD "add-on", adapted and suitable for most users of the OpenBLD DNS service.

OpenBLD processing

OpenBLD - uses a granular approach, if ADA allows for example all Yandex resources, then BLD allows key services (for example: mail, passport, money, etc.). In simple terms, RIC is a more "strict" service.

How to OpenBLD DNS - Setup


Both services use different regular expressions and DNS lists, which are periodic maintained.

Allowing lists are formed thanks to your feedback:

  • Feedback on the health and debugging of lists and sites can be sent to the author - Contacts