How BLD works

Yevgeniy Goncharov

Created at Aug 9, 2021. Updated at Nov 18, 2022

  • Simple integration - You can use BLD servers without installation or harden manipulation on you devices. BLD works on several different modes - A-BLD and BLD
  • Browser (DoH) compatibility - Enough setup privacy settings in our browser or mobile device or router one of BLD provided service, and you can view result, see example below:

Open BLD Features

It is a fast, modern, word wide located service - Europe (Netherlands, Germany), Asia (Kazakhstan)

  • Has latest BLD version
  • Periodical maintaining
  • Troubleshooting quickly as possible
  • Community support
  • Has a testing group
  • Periodically updating and maintaining blocking/allow lists
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited queries*
  • and more...
  • Redundant requests can be qualified at 10k requests per hour, per source
  • For resolving general possible problems can be has 1-2 day(s) log(s)
Notice: Logs are not collecting to any third party services, storages or etc.
All features included in to all BLD releases: A-BLD, BLD, BLD+.


A - Adapted BLD: Fluent filtering policies, includes more Internet services like as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Root Yandex ru/com domains
  • Facebook
  • and etc.


Blocking/Balancing. More strictly policies with blocking more analytics, metrics, telemetering and etc...

And also blocking root Yandex domains, but except mail, cloud, music and etc. services


It is private and more extended service with additional features:

Short description

  • All BLD Open features
  • Personal settings, access and filters
  • Personal email support*
Optional: It can be configuring and maintaining as dedicated service for your business. Needs to be specified additionally with BLD team.


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Advertising is a brain garbage

Ad is being displayed to children, adults, women, men and etc. The Internet giants collect the tons information with trackers.


It is a hobby project

Which created for children, schoolchildren which using mobile devices, laptops and etc


Before to public

Several years of personal usage on mobile devices, laptops, browsers, with testing and debugging


Dangerous content

Many Internet resources contains advertising or malicious content this is can be potentially dangerous

Support the BLD

+ who helping to grow