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Web without tracking, advertising, malware and etc with
Blocky Listener Daemon (BLD) service

You can use without installing software and etc

Sys-Admin "black-box"

Stable servers without logging browsers) DoH private DNS in Android) DoT

nslookup IP from) DNS

Sys-Admin BLD

Latest servers with new features

DoH (in browsers):

DoT (as private DNS in Android)

DNS (any IP from):nslookup

Less Traffic

Without advertising and trackers

Blocking unnecessary information

No banners, popups, video-preview advs

Different servers locations

Servers located on the different countries

How it works

Yevgeniy Goncharov

Created at Aug 9, 2021. Updated at Jan, 2022


Internet advertising, tracking, malware and phishing domains will "cuts" with different DNS filters in BLD services

You can use BLD servers without installation or harden manipulation on you devices.

Enough setup privacy settings in our browser or mobile device or router one of BLD provided service, and you can view result, see example below:

Sys-Admin DOH (black-box)

It is a project has named as Sys-Admin DoH ( service, general idea - servers without any metrics and etc. like as "black box" servers.

Sys-Admin DOH service it is a different service from Sys-Admin BLD, which contains under hood BLD technology and works as "black box" service without any metrics and logs. BLD servers designed for testing, coding, tuning and etc.

Short description

How it works

  • This service has a previous (stable) BLD version
  • This service has a "debugged" white / black lists
  • This is one server located on Netherlands
  • Configured once - not or very rarely maintained, but has auto updating mechanism
  • If this server is broke, it can take a very long time to recover
  • Note: For resolving general possible problems can be has 1 day DNS log

Sys-Admin BLD

It is a fast, modern, word wide located service - Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan

Short description

How it works

  • Has latest BLD version
  • More testing white / black lists
  • Periodical maintaining and if is broken, troubleshooting as quickly as possible
  • Has a testing group


Project does not cover YouTube resources.

Denial of responsibility

  • It is a hobby project, which maintained from personal activities and resources (like as time, money)
  • I and testing team and who are using this service.. suppose - want a cleaner internet and focus on information rather than malicious content..
  • This service supported by me and donations and maintained as possible but has no SLA or etc. keep this in mind when using these services


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Advertising it is a brain garbage

Ad is being displayed to children, adults, women, men and etc. The Internet giants collect the tons information with trackers.


It is a hobby project

Which created for children, schoolchildren which using mobile devices, laptops and etc


Before to public

Several years of personal usage on mobile devices, laptops, browsers, with testing and debugging


Dangerous content

Many Internet resources contains advertising or malicious content this is can be potentially dangerous