Block advertising, tracking Block advertising, tracking

  • GeoDNS, DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS
  • Without agents and without software installs
  • Works on mobile devices and in browsers
  • For personal usage and small business
  • 🚀️️️️️️ Reduce browsers memory and CPU usage
  • Reduce potentially Information Security Risks
  • Unlimited access with 100k+ queries per day
  • Service lives thanks to your help. Help us to improve this advantages get benefits

Adapted (ADA): for most users

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Why OpenBLD DNS?

As result of using OpenBLD DNS

  • No advertising on web-sites
  • Howe network more secure
  • No promo on mobile games for children
  • No ads in mobile apps
  • No ads in games
  • Computer works more faster
  • Reduce Internet traffic
  • Reduce CPU load
  • Reduce memory usage
  • Reduce computer, phone temperature
  • Increase autonomy life for mobile devices
  • Battery has more power
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Cactusd 🌵 Project

Download/Upload, merge, divide by category and publish a domain name block lists and IP addresses as merged files.

DNS 🌱 Hole

Block ads, trackers, and malware with domain plain and regex lists from the DNS-Hole project.