Ban or coincidence?

by, Yevgeniy Goncharov, 23-Jan-2023
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After launching the Open BLD service, I began to notice some "oddities" turning into patterns on the part of various services.

...Or even corporations. I can imply that these are really coincidences, but just in case my observations I'll leave it here on this page.

How Facebook behaved

I will say right away that the Instagram account where it was possible to authenticate through a single Facebook record simply stopped working, Facebook account stopped working behind Instagram, she didn’t work for about a year and a half, this was expressed as follows:

  • When you try to authorize in the social. network, a window appeared asking you to enter a code from the SMS / OTP application
  • At the time of entering the code, a message appeared on the second or third digit about the abuse of this function

The message appeared for the first time i.e. straight away. I tried to log in very rarely, about once a quarter.

After about ~ a year - one and a half of such strange behavior, on the eve of the new year 2023 this "strangeness" eliminated itself and today I can log into my account again on Facebook, on Instagram it is still impossible to log in or re-register:

How Twitter behaved

I practically did not use this network, did not post posts, sometimes I went to see certain news or pages of Cybersecurity blog authors.

One fine day, about six months after the launch of Open BLD, I received this:

Based on the fact that I did not use this network, I simply ignored this fact, making a note to myself that "they were also banned."

How Roskomnadzor behaved

I don’t know what’s the matter, but literally today, at the time of writing the article, such messages began to appear in public Telegram's:

Or from official site inforamtion about of was blocked:


Mistakes happen always and for everyone, sometimes the correlation of some events gives rise to certain thoughts. I do not draw any conclusions, I just pay attention not to the facts and details.

At the very beginning, when I began to “shoot” Instagram, I tried to figure it out, contact the TP, etc., but I lost a lot of time in an empty pile, which, to tell the truth, it was a pity to spend it on clarifying this situation.

Understanding, wasting energy, time, effort is inefficient in my opinion, I think these resources should be spent on something more productive.

I, we, communities, individuals, organizations - lived, live and will live without these substances, but they cannot live without us 😉

Update at March, 2023

After I published this post in my Telegram public's and Linkedin, like magic my Facebook (not Instagram, it's still blocked) was unblocked, Twitter (sent an apology, after I wrote to them, a question on the topic of blocking my account), and yes after collective requests to Roskomnadzor - was unblocked. Uh-oh.. can take a breath)

Peace to all ✌️