Anomaly Detection

by, Yevgeniy Goncharov, 11-Jul-2023
  • bld
  • dns
  • anomaly
  • detection
  • netdata

Netdata.Cloud Machine learning (ML) powered Anomaly Detection feature implementation in DNS service.

Few weeks ago Team supported project and provided for free few top-level features from own cloud:

  • Unlimited Alerts Digest
  • Machine Learning Support
  • Anomaly Detection Integration

I am extremely happy about this opportunity, since not every commercial product has such functionality 🥋


  • The project has an additional detection in relation to the defense at least until the end of the year
  • The project becomes truly unique
  • There is an opportunity to share a unique experience at Open this year to try to motivate people for Open Source initiatives

What's next?

I'll try to describe steps for connection to and Anomaly Detection implementation steps. I think it's next evolution level for DNS ecosystem 🌱

Peace to all ✌️